Beauty Boost Usage

Beauty Boost usage

How to use Beauty Boost :

1x per day during or after breakfast ; 12 grams with 250 ml of water.

If the use is too intense, the dose can be halved to 1x per day during or after breakfast 6 grams (half scoop) with 125 ml of water.

Dosage 12 grams = for 1 month Dosage 6 grams = for 2 months

Tip: You can also mix Beauty Boost with (soy or lactose free) milk or delicious with (soy or lactose free ) yogurt / cottage cheese and fresh fruit.

Another tip: Use a Shake cup to mix the powder well with milk or water without lumps.

Possible side effects: Everyone is different and reacts differently to the intake of vitamins and minerals. Therefore, remain vigilant yourself for changes in your body. The possible reactions disappear after a few days. It is not dangerous: your body will feed on the ingredients and your body will notice it.
Some possible reactions could include: Tingling Warm feeling Tightening sensation of the skin. Please contact your doctor if you are worried.


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